Tuesday, August 30, 2011

SNSD’s Sooyoung Injured from a Car Accident; Forces to Withdraw from Schedules

It has just been reported earlier that a member of the famous all-girl KPop Group, Sooyoung got injured on a car accident in early morning of August 28th.

SM Entertainment released an official statement that said, “Sooyoung is suffering from a sacrovertebral fracture from the car accident, but thankfully, the injury is nothing serious.”

“The doctor in charge gave a positive prognosis and said that with plenty of rest and treatment, she will be fully recovered in no time. Sooyoung will be unable to participate in upcoming planned schedules.”, they added.

Because of her injury, Sooyoung will not be able to attend the SM TOWN Live in Tokyo and SNSD’s Live Concert in Taiwan.

Sooyoung was driving on her way from Seoul to Chunan at 9AM of August 28th when the accident occurred. A car from the opposite lane allegedly crashed into Sooyoung’s car carelessly.

SM added, “Sooyoung was on her way to complete her volunteer services for the visually impaired when the accident occurred. The car in the opposite lane crossed the center line and consequently crashed into Sooyoung’s vehicle.”

Sooyoung is currently receiving treatment at a hospital and is recuperating from the accident.

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