Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Invasion of Zombadings

For decades, zombies have already invaded several movie industries which offer the same plot - a biological disaster which led to the transformation of humans to zombies, a few survivors and ends of dealing with this unimaginable ordeal.

This year, the Philippine movie industry offers an eccentric zombie-apocalyptic movie which deals with prejudice and acceptance.

The story starts with the naughty boy named Remington who kept on teasing gay people whenever he sees them around in the quaint town of Lucban, Quezon. One day, while visiting a grave at a public cemetery with her mother, he saw a middle-aged gay (Paulate) who wept at a nearby grave. Remington teased him and he got furious with the boy's teases and cursed him that he will turn gay when the right time comes.

15 years later, the once quiet town was disturbed by the news of an alleged serial killer lurking around the town who kills only gay people. The police chief inspector (Janice de Belen) who happened to be Remington's mother was perplexed with these heinous killings. The story continues when Remington was attacked by an unidentified man while taking a bath outside his friend's house. Little by little, he learned that he's about to change - his physical appearance and his sexual preference.

Searching for the cure was futile but because of his supportive parents and friends, everything was possible.

Zombadings is not your ordinary apocalyptic flick. No, scratch that. It ain't apocalyptic in the first place. Armed with witty lines and funny punchlines, viewers would surely love this flick. Coming out and acceptance are the two main themes of this movie. It tackles about its difficulties, the pain and how the society embraced their true color. Although on the critical side, one might have the difficulty of catching up with the development of the characters, especially with Roderick Paulate's. The first 20 minutes was actually the highlight of the movie but the excitement goes down until the end of the movie.

But overall, the movie left a good impression to the viewers last night. In fairness, I had fun, at least.

Mark your calendars everyone! August 31 is National Zombaday! Watch Zombadings: Patayin Sa Shokot si Remington in theaters near you.

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