Friday, January 6, 2012

Product Review: AXE 2012 Final Edition

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Worrying that you won't smell good when the world comes to its apocalyptic end?

Fret no more, my friend! Axe had just recently released their latest scent, the Axe 2012 Final Edition.

As a famous perfume product made especially for men, Axe had come to various scents. Most of them are eccentric yet had the power to capture the olfactory sense of women.

The new scent of Axe was aptly named 2012 Final Edition in line with the much-awaited apocalypse.

What I really love about Axe 2012 Final Edition is its unique scent. Despite having a citrus smell, it still has this strong masculine scent. And like any other variants, it's also a body deocologne. It eliminates body odor, leaving the you to have a fresh feeling all day long.

Whether you believe in the upcoming rapture or think that the Mayans just ran out of stones during the process of making their calendars, Axe 2012 Final Edition will surely be the most fragrant body spray that ever existed.

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  1. Citrus isn't usually the smell I associate with masculine. Pa-amoy later.


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