Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Satirically Speaking

Nowadays, people have been dependent to internet - they read news, they entertain themselves and even buy stuff on the internet. That's how internet revolutionized the life of people these days. Thus, it has become their primary source of information.

Rep. Winston Castelo. Photo courtesy of
Remember when Rep. Winston "Winnie" Castelo proposed the Anti-Planking Law? It had spread like wildfire on the internet and has drawn attention not just from the Philippines but also to the world. It was even a trending topic on Twitter! A lot have posted comments about it, mostly negative.

Apparently another news, still related to Rep. Winnie, broke out about the proposal of Anti-Angry Birds Bill. Funny thing was, a LOT of people believed it.

Quoting from So What's News site:
An eyewitness said that Rep. Castelo went shopping at the famous 168 Mall in Divisoria last Saturday and got annoyed when all he saw were Angry Birds themed items. “Naghahanap po sya ng mga regalo para sa mga inaanak nya. Kaso po nung makita nyang panay may nakadikit na Angry Birds ang paninda namin, eh dun na po sya nag walk-out” (He was looking for gifts for his godchildren. But he walked-out when he saw that all our products had Angry Bird stickers on them) said a vendor who met Castelo.
Entertainment sites like the one linked above have been sprouting like mushrooms for the past months and the famous example of it is The Onion News. Posts on these sites are often written in a sarcastic and satirical tone. More so, these sites do not just offer entertainment, but a wake up call as well. Although to unmask the real purpose of the entry, one has to digest the entire post which a lot of bloggers have failed to do such.

Photo from
And I have to agree with the comment written by an anonymous person on that particular post, saying, "Ang lakas talaga ng loob ng mga tanga na magsabi ng tanga. (Others have the balls to claim that a person is an idiot where in fact he's the real idiot).

I even read several blog posts regarding the alleged proposal of Anti-Angry Birds Bill and I was NOT surprised that they BELIEVED on it. Indeed, satire [humor] doesn't have a place yet here in the Philippines.

The Anti-Angry Birds Bill may sound hilarious but one thing is sure: politics in the Philippines is crazy. Hilarious, but true.

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