Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Curious Case of Praybeyt Benjamin

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There's this particular scene in the movie where Benjamin, played by the unkabogable Vice Ganda, was shunned by his own grandfather due to his sexual orientation. Although the weird thing was, every generation of his paternal roots has a hero.

Vice Ganda's second movie was really a big hit, at least it did compensate from the loss incurred from his first movie, Petrang Kabayo.

The plot of the movie was somewhat similar to Walt Disney's Mulan. Both Mulan and Benjamin were a disgrace to their respective families, thus prompting them to leave their home and head to the military camp to prove something about themselves - that they can do something extraordinary regardless of their gender. More so, both movies presented an equally hot platoon leader. Derek Ramsay surely made the people screaming inside the movie house; one can also surmise that Vice Ganda's screaming inside during the shoot of his second film.

But what made Vice Ganda's second movie so successful? Well, it was not because of his jokes but it was how he delivered it. Whether if it is a havey or waley joke, Praybeyt Benjamin is just a movie where everyone can just laugh and enjoy. There is no need to analyze the plot and its story line like any other movies. You just need to enjoy it. Yes, there's a need to reiterate that statement. The story itself was really predictable, yes, but the madlang people loved Vice Ganda and showed their undying support to his second movie.

And as for Vice? It doesn't really matter whether his second movie received low scores from movie critics. The important thing is, it's not a flop. It's a big hit!


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